Off-Road Clothing and Accessories

Sure, this may seem like a bit of a departure from our typical products we sell here at Diesel Power Products.  However, we've been selling Off-Road Vixens from our sister company, Offroad Power Products, for years and with great success.  And we figured that the majority of our diesel performance customers probably have a female in their lives, or are one their own, that also enjoy offroad and might like this apparel too. 
Off-Road Vixens is a clothing company started in 2008 by two women that both grew up in the great outdoors riding dirt bikes, snowmobiles, camping, and basically anything else outdoors, and realized there wasn't a quality line of clothing apparel that showcased their love for the outdoors and motorsports. Their tag line of "Girls Get Dirty Too" pretty much sums it up.  As an added bonus, ORV is located just down the road from us!

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