JKS 100K JSpec 3.5" Suspension System | 07-16 Jeep JK 4 Door

JKS JSpec 3.5" Suspension System | 07-16 Jeep JK

JKS JSpec 3.5" Suspension System

2007-2016 Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door

Jeeps are simply not meant to leave stock.  Really, if you purchase a Jeep, you should be given the option to have it dropped off at your house without suspension, wheels, tires, bumpers, and plenty of other options that usually end up in a pile behind the garage anyways.  If you're ready to drastically increase the suspension performance of your JK, the line of JSpec suspension systems from JKS are what you're after.

  • Front and rear dual rate coils springs
  • Fox 2.0 Evolution Series front and rear shocks
  • JKS MFG front adjustable trackbar
  • JKS MFG front sway bar quicker disconnects
  • Front and rear brake line relocation
  • Rear track bar bracket
  • Front and rear bump stop extensions
  • Maximum Recommended Tire Size:  35x12.50 on 16x8 wheels with 4.5" backspacing


    Front and Rear Progressive Rate Coil Springs

     At the heart of any true Jeep suspension "system" are properly designed coil springs. Not everyone does the same thing with their Jeep, therefore you need a system that adapts to different terrain as well as on and offroad situations. By developing tuned sets of dual rate coils springs, JSpec coils provide the best performance in any situation. Whether loaded down with gear for a week long expedition, running light for some rock-crawling fun or loaded with a few friends for a trip to the beach, JSpec coils will provide the ride you want with the performance you need.

    Fox 2.0 Evolution Series Front and Rear Shocks

     A great set of coil springs are useless unless you have a set of shocks to control them. When developing a shock to work in harmony with the JSpec coil springs JSpec looked to FOX. The Fox 2.0 Evolution Series shocks provide a quality ride and complete control no matter what terrain you are tackling. The IFP (internal floating piston) design keeps the high-performance shock oil separated from the 200 psi nitrogen gas charge. This separation provided by the IFP eliminates oil aeration which basically means you can work these shocks hard and not experience any performance fade. Labeled with the popular "FOX" logo you will be proud to show off your shocks while flexing-out your high-performance JSpec suspension.

    JKS Adjustable Front Track Bar

    When you think of adjustable Jeep track bars you think JKS. For years, Jeepers the world over have trusted JKS adjustable track bars for their strength, fit, function and durability. For those reasons it is a "no-brainer" that a JKS front adjustable track bar be an integral part
    of the JSpec JK suspension systems. The adjustable track bar dwarfs the factory component, offering fine adjustability of the front axle position to compensate for the additional lift height provided by the JSpec coil springs. Factory style rubber bushings are used at each end of the bar for quiet and compliant function. The 1-1/4"-12 threaded adjustable end provides fine-tune adjustability and superior strength when combined with the 1-1/2" x 3/8" wall DOM tube, CNC formed track bar. Adding an adjustable track bar versus a relocation bracket also keeps the JKs steering angles in-phase to provide great handling and keep bump steer in check.

    JKS Front Sway Bar Quicker Disconnects

    The flag-ship JKS Manufacturing product is the Quicker Disconnect. JKS was the originator of the sway bar disconnect concept. That original concept was perfected with the Quicker Disconnect design which still remains the best sway bar disconnect on the market today. Adjustable length and greasable with JKS-exclusive poly-flex ball, high-misalignment ends, the Quicker Disconnect is everything you want in a sway bar disconnect. Stainless steel mounting studs provide an anchoring point for each end of the links and allow for easy removal and installation. Rubicon owners have not been forgotten. Want to maintain the function of the factory Rubicon disconnecting sway bar and still enjoy the benefits of the Quicker Disconnect adjustability, serviceability and misalignment ends? The proper hardware is included in the new JSpec suspension systems to bolt the Quicker Disconnect links to the axle and sway bar. This eliminates the disconnecting pins while maintaining the other great benefits of the links.

    Front and Rear Brake Line Relocation

    How much can you say about brake line relocation? Well, it is a necessity anytime a JK is lifted much over 2", especially with longer
    travel shocks. In most kits on the market these items are an after-thought but not in the JSpec kits. The JKS brake line brackets included in the JK JSpec suspension systems utilize the factory brake line mounting holes and locating tabs. This ensures that the brackets won't rotate and eventually come loose. The brackets were designed specifically to work with the shock lengths used with each JSPEC Suspension System. The result is just enough length at full axle droop with minimal modifications to the factory routing. And just as a reminder of where they came from, the rear brackets get treated the famous 'JKS' oval logo sticker.

    Rear Track Bar Bracket

    As with the front suspension, the rear requires modification to the factory track bar setup to compensate for the new ride height. While the front gets a new track bar, the rear is treated with a track bar relocation bracket. The relocation bracket was chosen here for a couple reasons. First, by raising the track bar mount position at the axle, the track bar angle is flattened and slightly rolled, which helps with handling and body roll. Second, the new track bar relocation bracket doubles as a factory axle bracket brace. The factory rear axle track bar mount has been a known weak link since the JK was first built in 2007. By making the new relocation bracket out heavy-duty 3/16" steel and bracing directly to the axle tube, the factory bracket is reinforced and up to the task of handling the new lifted height of the JSpec suspension system.

    Front and Rear Bump Stop Extensions

    The front and rear bump stop extensions, like brake line relocation brackets, are another component set that usually doesn't get much attention with most lift "kits" on the market. The bump stop extensions in the JK JSpec suspension systems were made specifically to
    maximize suspension travel while maintaining save compression limits for both the coil springs and Fox 2.0 shocks. The front extensions are made from 2-3/4" billet aluminum while the rear extensions are made from heavy-wall steel rectangular tube. Both sets fasten directly to the axle and are made to hold up to the abuse your new JSpec equipped JK is now built to handle.
    J-Cal Programmer
    Corrects Speedometer after Tire Size/Gear Ratio Changes (Up to 42"/5.38)
    ESP System Recalibration & Optimization (11-16 Auto Trans)
    Reads/Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes
    Upgradable to Allow Engine Performance Tuning
    Tire Pressure System (TPMS) Options (Download Required)
    Locking Axle Options with Transfer Case in 4-HI & 4-LOW (Rubicon only)
    Engine Idle Adjustability for Winching
    Daytime Running Light Options
    One Touch Lane Change
    Internet Updatable.
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    Yes Please Add a J-Cal Programmer (PN: PWT3575) [Add $151.04]
    Exhaust Extension Kit
    For owners of 2012-2016, unless you have previously installed an exhaust extension kit, this is REQUIRED for installation. Please select from the options below.
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    Yes Please Add an Exhaust Extension Kit (PN: 8150) [Add $42.75]
    Front Shocks
    This kit comes standard with Fox 2.0 IFP shocks, that are a HUGE improvement over stock, and much of the competition. But if you're ready to blow away the competition, upgrade to a set of Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoirs for the ultimate in performance.
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    Yes Please Upgrade the Front Shocks to Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir (PN: 985-24-039) [Add $241.30]
    Rear Shocks
    And especially if you're going to upgrade the front shocks to Fox Remote Reservoirs, then you'll surely want to upgrade the rears too! Please select from the options below.
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    Yes Please Upgrade the Rear Shocks to Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir (PN: 985-24-036) [Add $241.30]
    Steering Stabilizer
    Now that you're increasing the altitude of your JK, you're most likely going to be slapping some bigger meats under there. And to properly control those big honkin' tires going down the road, you really should upgrade from that cheap, ugly steering stabilizer that hangs out under your rig. We offer several options to improve upon the steering. For a modest increase in steering control, upgrade to the Fox 2.0 Evolution. But if you want the BEST OF THE BEST. the Fox ATS is the benchmark. ATS stands for Adjustable Through Shaft, and as the name implies, the shaft travels through the entire body, and will deliver pressure in BOTH directions, kind of like dual stabilizers, just miles better!
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    Add a Fox 2.0 Evolution Steering Stabilizer (PN: 983-50-000) [Add $93.10]
    Add a Fox 2.0 ATS Steering Stabilizer (PN: 983-02-070) [Add $375.25]
    J-LINK Lower Control Arm Options
    When lifting your JK, your axles move towards the center of the vehicle due to triangulation. The best way to alleviate this, and ensure you have maximum tire to fender clearance is with the addition of upgraded, longer control arms, such as the J-LINK options from JKS. Not only do these properly recenter the axle, but are also built substantially stronger to ensure you're never left on the trail with a broken factory control arm. You can either upgrade the front lowers, rear lowers, or front and rear lowers, simply check all options you wish to upgrade!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Not to be combined with Control Arm Correction Kit (PN: 6200).
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    Yes Please Add a Set of Front Lower J-LINK Control Arms (PN: 1620) [Add $213.75]
    Yes Please Add a Set of Rear Lower J-LINK Control Arms (PN: 1670) [Add $213.75]
    Control Arm Correction Kit
    For those not ready to upgrade the front lower control arms just yet, we recommend this Control Arm Correction Kit that reduces control arm angles and allows the front suspension to more naturally roll over bumps and grooves in the road. It also improves the front drive shaft CV joint operating angles throughout full wheel travel.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit is NOT to be used with J-LINK Front Lower Control Arms (PN: 1620).
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    Yes Please Add the Control Arm Correction Kit (PN: 6200) [Add $166.25]
    Drag Link Flip Kit
    When lifting your JK, your steering angles are increased, which can lead to bump steer and an overreactive steering wheel. In order to remedy this, we highly recommend upgrading with a Drag Link Flip Kit that flattens out the drag link for smooth, predictable steering.

    This kit will include the Drag Link Flip Kit, as well as Bump Stop Kit.
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    Yes Please Add Drag Link Flip Kit (PN: 1210) and Bump Stop Kit (PN: 1130) [Add $263.15]
    Rear Track Bar Mount Brace
    In spite of all its improvements over previous models, the 2007+ Jeep Wrangler JK is not entirely without fault. One particularly troublesome problem involves inadequate bracing of the factory track bar brackets. A startling number of vehicles have been disabled on the trail when the factory track bar bracket separated from the axle housing without notice. Vehicle owners have reported this problem on both axle housings, and although it occurs more commonly on modified applications, it can also affect stock vehicles.
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    Yes Please Add a Rear Track Bar Mount Brace (PN: OGS169) [Add $47.50]
    Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Links
    In order to get the most out of your JK's capabilities, you'll want a good set of adjustable end links that will complement the new suspension's articulation capabilities. This will allow you to set the length of the links to your desired height whether you are mobbing up a mountainous trail or cruising down the highway to really get the most out of your suspension.
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    Yes Please Add Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Links (PN: 2943) [Add $80.75]
    Customized Price: $1,182.75
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