Wheelin' is a tough sport.  While it takes years to develop the skills that allow you to handle the toughest of trails with ease, it's also tough on your vehicle.  And it seems that Jeeps typically are some of the most abused.  Whether it's because there are so many on the trails, thus their chances are higher, or Jeep owners simply have a heavier right foot, who knows!  And the most abused area of a Jeep are the front fenders. 

The protruding fenders typically rub against rocks, trees, ruts, other Jeeps, you name it, resulting in cracked and broken fenders. 
Until now, the only available "fix" for this is to install heavy duty steel fenders.  While these are great, the problem is that these fenders extensions are still mounted to thin sheet metal fenders, and when you start rubbing, your new heavy duty fenders push in against the factory fenders, resulting in major body damage.

And here is where a vision between Jason Robson and Mike Waclawski began.  Jason and Mike met in college at Central Washington University in a welding class and soon enough were wheeling together and building Jeep parts on the side.  In 2009, they formed MCE to advance their pinnacle project, Jeep fenders that allowed complete flexibility, while being rigid enough to be useful as a fender, and would never fracture no matter the impact.  Since 2009, they have been building Flexible Fenders for various Jeep applications and the response has been overwhelming.  They tailored the looks of an old school flat fender with the rigidity of cutting edge TPO plastic to deliver the most advanced long term fix for the fenders of your Jeep.

MCE Flexible Fenders Specifications:
  • MCE - spec TPO plastic (black in color, light textured finish)
  • UV stable (although paintable)
  • Durable in extreme cold temperatures
  • Lifetime Warranty against cracking for the original buyer
  • 1 piece design fits onto a trimmed OE fender (CJ/YJ/TJ) - no cutting necessary for JK model
  • Rubber grommet mount on flare portion behind tire (will "pop" off of the grommet if impacted hard enough, and can be "popped" back into place)
  • Exact fit die-stamped 6061 aluminum grille brackets when required
  • Will not transfer energy to the Jeep body if impacted on the trail
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