FOX is a legend when it comes to shock technology. They do it right, and they've been doing it right for thirty plus years. Starting out in 1974, Bob Fox began the first prototypes of what would later be dubbed FOX AirShox on a Maico dirt bike being built in a friend's garage. From their roots in motorcycles, FOX has grown their expertise into nearly anything automotive and powersports, from snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV's, off-road cars and trucks, and even bicycles. If it has wheels and can play offroad, FOX has an application.

FOX is continually raising the bar in each of their sectors with a fleet of sponsored riders and racers that allow their shocks to be pushed to the limits, and then determining ways to make the product even better for each application. Fox team members have stood atop the podiums in every sport they have competed in. What this means to you is that you get a race-proven component that can withstand extreme abuse, even if you're using it for novice level activities.

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