JKS Manufac
Jeep Specific Suspension Technology

Since 1989, JKS Manufacturing has developed some of the world’s most widely used and respected products for Jeep vehicles. It all started when they pioneered the original Quick Disconnect brand of quick-release sway bar disconnects. Since then, their product range has expanded to include such favorites as the ACOS line of height-adjustable coil spring spacers, and perhaps the most advanced creation to date, the variable-rate SwitchBlade Sway bar System.

All of the JKS products are manufactured right here in the USA, using only premium grade materials and state-of-the-art machinery. You can always rely on JKS products to provide unquestionable benefits to vehicle performance. From cushioning hard suspension impacts off-road, to restoring the geometry of your suspension for safer and more predictable handling on-road, these products improve the experience of owning and operating a Jeep vehicle.

And because JKS products take advantage of Original Equipment components and technology whenever possible, vehicle drivability and reliability are not compromised. Discover why recreational and competitive Jeep enthusiasts around the world insist upon JKS products to improve vehicle performance, reliability and versatility. It's no coincidence that those who know Jeep performance best choose JKS products for their own vehicles.
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