Savvy Off Road

Savvy Off Road is a tight knit team of avid off road enthusiasts that strive to manufacture the most cutting edge equipment for the Jeep community.  Originally founded in 2009 by Gerald Lee in an effort to provide high quality, light weight equipment that was unavailable through any other distribution, has gained the respect and admiration of nearly anyone associated in the aftermarket Jeep marketplace.  Their overall commitment to excellence is unparalleled. 

Besides the aforementioned, one of the other things that really sets Savvy apart is their undying passion to manufacture products that serve a functional purpose as the primary and aesthetic appeal as the secondary. Now, this isn't to say that their products aren't an utter work of metallurgical art, that couldn't be further from the truth.  Rather, the initial drive to produce a particular product is to improve upon an original OEM design for functional use, and then they make it look stellar.  A great example of this is Savvy's unique aluminum
half doors for Jeep JK's.  These doors serve the function of offering up a substantial weight reduction to the vehicle, yet also look incredible whether you are out on the trail, or cruising to the grocery store.

And to fully cement any question of Savvy's dedication to off road, their team has won the prestigious King of the Hammers EMC Overall Champion for four consecutive years, 2012-2015.  For 2016, the household name of Jessi Combs will be at the helm looking for yet another Savvy win.

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